Self Care: Clay Mask

I haven’t been the most positive lately and it stems from the fact that I am not happy!  My happiness is another topic, but one contributor to that is my lake of self-care…how could I forget to take care of myself? It sounds crazy just thinking about it, but one thing I have learned is that when we pamper ourselves, we feel good~ at least I do!


A few weeks ago, my mom bought me a clay mask and I totally forgot about it. I left it in my room, and it was hiding under random stuff~ out of sight, out of mind. However, a few days ago I went to lush and purchased my first mask from there! I used it the next day before work and I felt amazing! To be honest, I’m usually not excited to go into work and my attitude just sucks, so the fact that I got up early to pamper myself before work felt like a step forward. (Check out my youtube video to hear more on the story).


The mask is called, “Blue Algae: Ionic Clay Mask.”bluealgae


Water, Algae Extract, Corn Starch, Acrylamide, Tapioca Starch, Talc, Kaolin, Glycerin, Beeswax, Methylparaben, Fragrance

I know that all of the ingredients aren’t the most “natural,” but one of the main, algae extract, has great benefits for the skin:

According to “Secrets from the Sea | Skin Benefits from Algae “Seaweed”,” algae extract contains a compound, Alguronic Acid, that essentially feeds your cells to keep them active. With that cell activity, your skin is more vibrant and won’t lose its elasticity!  This mask was created to hydrate our skin and keep it POPPIN’, YESSSSS!!!

Although aging is apart of getting older, I don’t mind prolonging my youth; maybe I can avoid skin aging?

Self care doesn’t always involve putting on make-up, or going shopping, rather taking care of our well-being.  Our happiness stems from the inside and when we take care of or bodies, we are more inclined to stay on a positive journey!



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