5 Ways to Find your Personal Style


Style is what creates fashion within our society!  It’s good to see what is trending, so that you can stay updated to see what looks you like, then be able to incorporate that into your personal style. Although it can be hard to find your personal style throughout the diverse fashion world, just remember, they aren’t you.

  1. Who Are You?

    What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of yourself? The first thought that comes to my mind when I think of myself is “fun!”  Some people say that I come off shy or reserved, but I love to have a good time and I want my clothing to reflect that.

  2. Silence negative thoughts of other people!

    No matter what you have on, someone will always have something negative to say, or think, about you.  I used to be sooo concerned with the thoughts of others, that people thought something was wrong with me~ for real!  Being concerned about what people think of you is depressing and when you’re in that negative state of mind, you really don’t care about life! The more you focus on the positive, the happier you’ll be.

  3. What do you feel good in?

    I LOVE baggy and fitted clothes….actually I love all types of clothing. But I feel good in all of it, however that may not be the case for you. Some people dislike tight fitted clothing because they feel like their skin can’t breath and I can agree, to a certain degree. Lol For example, I don’t like pants that are too tight around my growing area, crotch, for lack of a better term. I feel like no one really likes that feeling and what can result from it! (That’s another post) Other than that, the fact that I love clothes, I want to experience all types!

  4. Don’t get lost in the sauce!

    I remember seeing a gif of Gucci Mane talking about “Sauce” and I was like, what’s this sauce??? In this case, sauce would be “inspiration” from fashion gurus. I love to watch look books, how to style, etc, all videos relating to clothes, fashion and styling. HOWEVER, you have to keep in mind to not get lost in the sauce, i.e. Don’t lose yourself in the mist of all these stylish individuals. Don’t try to be them. Don’t mimic their outfits because when you start doing that is when the confusion of who you are begins!! To be honest, I found myself trying to copy other peoples style and it didn’t go well. What I have learned is that there is nothing wrong with looking at what items they put together, but use that to apply to your own style!

  5. Don’t think, just do!

    I sound like the Nike slogan, but this is so true. Personal style should be EFFORTLESS. Relax your mind, and however you are feeling that day, you outfit should reflect.

Personal style is who you are!! It isn’t something that you create, you have to find it! We ALL have one. It’s just about stepping into who you are and embracing it!

picmonkey-collage22If you have any more points to add, comment down below!

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