Life's Puzzle

Find your pieces

I knew who I wanted to be...

But I didn’t know how to get there. Instead, I had an idea of the life I wanted to live, and I didn’t know where to start.

Can someone please hand me the roadmap? Wherever it is…

The different possibilities of how I could get there showed me that there was no alignment; almost like I had to gather the pieces for my life’s puzzle first.

I love hearing stories...

About how people quit their “9-5” to pursue a career as a full-time blogger. How, although it wasn’t easy, they were now living the life they dreamt! I would use their stories to compare to the pieces of my puzzle for how I would obtain my success.

My blog was created a couple of years ago based on what I saw in the blogging community ~ it portrayed a glamorous lifestyle that consisted of traveling, attending events, shopping, connecting with like-minded people, the creation of their schedule, the list is endless.

I can remember...

Many bloggers saying not to start a blog just for the money. I am more than guilty of that, but where I was at in my life, I didn’t fully understand. Until I found myself creating content that didn’t align with me, I spent more time researching different ways to generate an income that neglected my ideas.

It didn’t feel right but don’t get me wrong, I still aspire to have a similar lifestyle, just not through the footsteps of someone else.

It finally hit me when I recognized that every one of their stories was different. They didn’t follow a detailed plan of how to become a successful blogger or entrepreneur. Each of their stories was unique, and amongst that uniqueness, it told me that they all had separate pieces of their life that they had to put together to complete their puzzle.

I guess you can say that...

I was looking for the easy way in. That I was so focused on the destination without realizing the journey is what creates it.

It’s interesting how the universe works and how my inner-self has never given up on my dream. There are so many pieces I have lying around, waiting to be put in their appropriate places!

I’ve learned that I have to pay attention to the puzzle pieces in my life because they are the layout for who I’m becoming.

When was the last time you took a look your life’s pieces?

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