Lemon Detox: Days 1-3 “Am I Allowed to lick food?”


pexels-photo-88737 So I’m in the living room, watching tv, minding my own business when my dad comes in from work and starts cooking: baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, and tilapia. The food smelled good y’all, but I was being very disciplined and didn’t give in. While watching some tv program, my dad comes in the room with his food and ask if I want to watch tv with him? Now, I’m not that mean of a person, HOWEVER the fact that I sat through his cooking, especially through the pan frying of the fish, I had to tell him “No.” Is that Bad?

Before the cleanse, I was soooooo excited to start, literally smiling the morning of saying how excited I was, but that sure changed soon later!

The ingredients of the master cleanse mix are water, lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. The first mistake I made was putting too much cayenne pepper in my drink!!!! OMG, I was at work that day and I was STRUGGLING…I guess it wasn’t that bad, but I knew to be careful for the next day.

On the second day of my cleanse, I was feeling so weak y’all. I was extremely tired that morning and that progressed throughout the day. I’ve come to realize that I use food as a distraction from being productive ( ironically I’m snacking on some food right now and I’m not even hungry. Nooo!)

Since I was still fresh into the cleanse, I found myself not wanting to do anything. I understood that the craving I had for food was more of a want and less of a need- I honesty don’t even know what it means to be hungry

On day 3, I went back to work which was good because I was busy! That day after work is when my dad decided to cook the delicious food. Lol After I refused to watch tv with him, I went up to my room to think about life! One thought that came to mind was, “Am I allowed to lick food?” It got to that point y’all!40394ecf-3d7f-497e-a4c0-57cb3966be7c

One thing I can say is that throughout day 2 & 3 I found myself forgetting about food. Literally not thinking about it and I was happy! Until I remembered I wasn’t going to eat for a few days….It was sad. Just knowing that I have the choice to eat whatever I want really test me physically and mentally. It was very hard, but I got through it.

If you’ve taken part of the master cleanse, what were your thoughts during it?


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