Sunday Vibes: Fur Vest

When it comes to picking out an outfit for church, I ALWAYS struggle. It’s not that I don’t have any clothes to wear, I just pick the wrong outfits, at the wrong time.  Let’s just say, when it’s winter, my mind is spring.

Luckily the weather this Sunday was on my side and the outfit choice I had in mind went perfectly!

I purchased this vest either last year, or the year before, at Forever 21 on sale! (I don’t play when it comes to sales). I’m going to be honest, I’m an impulsive shopper, or I used to be. If it was on sale and cute, I had to buy it! So with this purchase, I realized that I didn’t have anything to go with it and it just sat in my closet (There was a fur coat in the same color that I should’ve gotten. OMG, now that would have been BOMB!).

As simple as I am, I like to be EXTRA with my outfits and when I’m not able to achieve the level of extra-ness I’m going for, I get sad. Lol

I usually like to wear leggings, or just a fitted item with this type of fur vest. I like to have that balance of “baggy” to fitted, however I didn’t have the right leggings to go with this outfit, so I was forced go out of my comfort zone.

When I tried on the dress pants, with the shirt, and fur vest, I was digging it! It reminded me of the current style that’s trending: oversized chic. Now thinking about it, I should’ve worn my oversize white blouse to really amplify the look.

I have come to realize: the less I think, the more my outfit comes together. Just go with the flow✨

As you all can see, this outfit was very simple, yet still cute!

With this Bipolar weather we’re experience this winter, comment down below how you would style a fur vest!




Choies Black Faux Fur Waistcoat ($38.39)


Nordstrom Rack Boyfriend Shirt ($34.97)

Kohl’s Bootcut Dress Pant ($48)

Forever 21 Faux Suede Ankle-Wrap Heel ($27.90)

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  1. Thank you! But yes, it is a very comfortable look! And girl, you’re not alone, I was on the verge of falling with these heels. Lol Had to play it off!

    Thanks for your response though,

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