“I am not confident and I do not have any goals, why should I be concerned with my future?”

What drove you to what you are doing?

I am so confused with life that it seems like a joke.  The other day I found myself getting too comfortable with my life.  Although I am still trying to understand my purpose, I know that where I am currently at, is not where I am supposed to be.

My lack of goals have held me back because I do not have anything to look forward to.  For example, while I was in school, I had graduation to look forward to; that is what kept me going, despite how unhappy I was.

I know that it isn’t good to look forward to the future because the future cannot be your happiness.  But wait…. aren’t our goals in preparation for a “happy” future?

How can I be driven to do something for my future if I am not happy with my present?

What is your drive that keeps you happy now, but also in preparation for the creation of your future?

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