We’ve been led in the wrong direction for the years; wheeled into believing that the start of the new year is the opportunity to be a brand-new person. I do not disagree with that belief because every day is an opportunity to start fresh, refresh or just reset. However, when is it the appropriate time to do so? June is far from creeping its way into 2018, I mean, where did the time go? Trust me when I say that I am not mad at how fast time has gone because this past winter was LONG! New seasons bring new energy and, I know that this summer sun is expected to bring some new, exciting energy to our lives.  And I think that a bedroom reset is a perfect area to start.

I can agree that I have gotten used to waking up in a drag of not being able to enjoy my day outside. I’ve come to realize that how we start the day plays a huge part in our energy for what we’re receiving and releasing into the universe. If you’re like me and want to start waking up in a positive mood, then continue reading on why you need to do a bedroom reset, today!


A bedroom reset is where you take the time to change the energy of your room.  Our bedroom should be a space where we can go and release everything; almost like our “other” shell. 

To restore the energy of your bedroom, you should start with creating a mood board. 

I know that mood boards are fun to create, but they can also be a bit overwhelming when it’s time to take action.

So to attack this in a non-intimidating matter, I came up with only three items to get your mood board up and rolling!

Are you Ready?
Of Course! 98%

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. That means I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase with my link! All the information provided is in your best interest. There is no extra cost for you, so no need to worry! Happy Reading 🙂


Let me guess,

You’re thinking: “Why do I need to add a mattress to my mood board?”

My response is: “Why not?” Lol

After a long day, it feels good to rest your body on something that is comfortable.  I know that some of you all may go straight to the couch after work, but what about after the couch?  If you’re going to have a comfortable couch, why not also have a comfortable bed! And if you don’t have a comfortable couch, then you most definitely need a comfortable mattress!

**I think I’ve said comfortable enough. Hopefully, you get my point by now!

You’ve heard stories about people who’ve said that they had their best sleep, either at a hotel or Airbnb.  To be honest, it didn’t matter where it wasn’t their bed.

I can say that I didn’t realize how uncomfortable my mattress was until I slept on my friend’s Tempurpedic mattress. I thought I was sleeping on clouds, living my best life!  Compared to when I slept on her couch, which I thought was similar to sleeping on my bed. And according to her, sleeping on her couch is even worse than sleeping on her floor. 


So yea, I think it’s time for a new mattress.

Ideally, you should change your mattress every 5-10 years, or whenever you feel like you are not getting a good nights rest. How many of you can say that you’re guilty of not changing your mattress? *Slowly raises my hand.

How can we ensure that after a long day, you’re able to lay in a comfortable bed?

Invest in a new mattress!

Let’s be real; there are HUNDREDS of company’s telling you why you need to buy their mattress! Their reasons may be valid, but as someone who is entirely new to investing in a mattress, let me suggest where you should start.  While researching different mattress company’s, one in particular stuck out, nectar.

To be honest, one reason I chose nectar is that they offer a 365 night home trial. What that means is that you get an ENTIRE year to try out a nectar mattress and if you don’t like it, you can return it, for FREE. And to add onto that, if you do purchase a mattress, there’s a forever guarantee, so you’ll never have an excuse as to why you are unable to change your mattress every 5-10 years!

So if you’re like me and very indecisive, then you should consider nectar!


So you have a Pinterest board of interior designs that you like, which include curtains as part of the aesthetic. However, you have no clue where to search for them! I’m on the same page and don’t know where I would buy them either. Once again, you can thank me later, but I have a suggestion on where you can start: Highendcurtain.

When I say there are a plethora of designs offered by Hignendcurtain, I’ll warn you now, you may get overwhelmed, but in the right way!

To narrow down what type of curtain would best suit your room, think about the energy you want your room to have. Color will influence the atmosphere, while the texture will offer contrast, in either a good or bad way.

For example: looking through different textures offered through Highendcurtain, I like the beige geometric patterned sheer curtains. These aren’t your typical, “Let me buy some curtains for my privacy.” More of, “I’m going for a particular aesthetic, and it’s hitting the mark.”

I envision my room to be minimal: look clean, soft and sophisticated! I don’t want too many eye-catchers, instead, when you walk into the room, you get a welcoming vibe.

Using these curtains as an example shows how a minimal design leaves room for constant change! So now when people walk into your room, they’ll instantly feel relaxed. The more comfortable, the more good energy.


I’ve realized how neglected I’ve been from nature.  I can remember over a month ago we had a snow storm that accumulated about 18 inches! Ugh. During that time I realized how plants had made a mark on my Instagram feed. And it’s had me wondering why I don’t have any in my room. Hmmm, the snow was beautiful for the winter, and since it decided to carry over into spring, I think it’s time to purchase some indoor plants, just in case.

Plants will bring joy to your bedroom; they’re almost nostalgic.


For those days you’re unable to go outside, the indoor plant gives you a sense of the nature you’re missing. They purify the air, can help you sleep better, and most importantly, improve your mood! 

Who knew that nature could have such an impact our overall well being😉

My relationship with plants/ nature has been non-existent, but I can say that I am relieved to finally be able to have a healthier understanding of all that surrounds me.

*If you want an in-depth post on plants and hidden facts, comment down below.

To get started on creating your indoor garden, here are some indoor plants you should consider purchasing.

Click on each image to learn more about their benefits!

Aloe Vera
English Ivy

It’s always exciting to start a new project, especially that feeling you get when you finally finished something! The universe is continuously testing us to see if we’re ready for the next step. I believe that with the addition of a new mattress, curtains and plants that it will be the beginning of a new chapter.

I am so thankful that summer will be soon approaching to bring in the new energy.

As I said earlier, this is a great way to get started on your bedroom reset, but what are other useful bedroom ideas to add to this list?

Comment down below; I can’t wait to read!


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