Sunday Vibes: All Black

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing week and are looking forward to a new one. There are times when we have a bad day and allow it to set the mood for our entire week, however, I just want to remind you that if that’s ever the case, to not forget about your outfit!  Usually, if I’m not feeling the rest of the week of work or school, I know that I have the power to take control of my outfit!  Am I the only one who allows clothes to bring me happiness??

The monochromatic look has grown on me and I wanted to give it a try with “All Black.”  One hard thing about wearing all black is trying to find blacks that match! Now when it comes to black, you know there are different shades to it: you got the dark black, washed out black, brown black and the “black black,” and no one has the time to find blacks that match. Lol  That’s why this look had to grow on me because I like to match and if I’m going to wear the same color, they need to look like the same color. I can’t be walking around wearing 10 different blacks..!  However, I’ve come to realize that unless it’s a one piece (bodysuit, dress, etc.), I’m not going to find the exact same color.

To help bring this look together, I had to bring in the texture coat (not sure what kind of material it is, but it is textured!).  You all wouldn’t believe where I purchased this coat, I’ll wait…….I purchased this coat from K-mart, *drops mic.  I don’t know if there are any K-Marts where you live, but where I’m staying, there’s one down the street from my house and I go there once in a while, just to see what they have.

I said this in my post last week, but I am a sales princess (my mom is the queen) and if it’s on sale, I have to get it.  To be honest, if this coat wasn’t on sale, I still probably would’ve purchased it!  On the other hand, I got my shoes from a thrift store, Savers. I LOVE thrifting and can put an entire thrifted look together, without anyone even knowing all the items were thrifted! I usually wouldn’t wear these shoes with a statement piece, such as the coat, but since my outfit is all black, I figured I could get away with it.

The monochromatic look is probably one of the easiest outfits you can put together.  And the best part about it is that it’s so chic, no one would know it didn’t take any time to put it together!

Comment down below your favorite monochromatic look!




Charlotte Russe: Fuzzy Faux Fur Coat ($33)

Nordstrom Rack: Long sleeve Turtleneck Tee (19.50)

Old Navy: Low-Rise Jeans  ($19)

Make Me Chic: Leopard Booties ($39.90)

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