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I like to be creative with my outfits and I believe that dresses limit my creativity.  It’s not that I dislike wearing dresses, I just prefer to go the extra mile with styling multiple pieces. However, a new trend has emerged and caught my attention: the slip dress.

Blast from the past:

When I was younger, I remember every Easter Sunday, I had to wear a slip dress under my big, poofy dress. I honestly didn’t understand why I had to wear it, but I knew it would be another item I would I have to add to that special day.

Now, I guess I have transitioned from childhood slip dress, to let’s go to the club in just this undergarment…

When I saw that the slip dress has become a trend, I was slightly caught off guard because I was like, “isn’t that supposed to be worn underneath the “main” dress??” Or better yet, as lingerie?

Although these dresses aren’t playing it on the safe side, I wanted to use my creativity to keep it that way.

Tosave.com sent me a couple slip dresses and I decided to add a third to provide some versatility on how a slip dress can be styled!

I can say that the best thing about the slip dress is that it is AFFORDABLE. And the best part is, is that if you are like me and LOVE to save money, check out tosave.com and you’ll find an array of trendy items for a great price.

Silky Silver

Before I ordered this dress, I already had a look in mind (thanks to Pinterest). As I mentioned earlier, I don’t usually wear dresses because they limit my creativity. However, the look I saw on Pinterest had many layers and I liked that! It reminded me of an oversized look and I wanted to go for that, so I ordered a large in the dress!

The dress honestly fits perfectly for me to add more layers. However, since it is summer, I was limited on how many layers I could add. I can say that I like how the blazer adds just enough to compliment the dress.

Choker V Neck Slip Dress: Tosave

Heel Booties: MIA

Blazer: Thrifted

Velvet Velour

I  was really excited to style this dress based off of the picture from the website. I knew that I wanted to wear a turtleneck with an oversized jean jacket!  However, as stated earlier, that is doing too much for this time of the season! I honestly thought I could get away with the look, but maybe for a future post.

I will say that a bra is not needed with this dress, simply because it looks TACKY. I know this because I wore one and it was no bueno. I would say that even if you’re not comfortable being braless, that if you style it the same way I did, that you wouldn’t have to worry about your girls falling out! Lbs

The reason why I styled this dress with a skirt because it is short! With how short the dress it, you could probably get away with wear thigh high boots, but if you have curves, then just stick to rocking it as a shirt! However, I think I may have a look in mind, that doesn’t require bottoms, that I may try for the fall.

Backless Slip Dress: Tosave

Denim Jacket: Thrifted

Pencil Skirt: Fig & Blu

Ankle Heels: H&M

Black Silk

The black slip dress is the OG of slip dresses; definitely a basic must have.  It’s an item that you can go to when you’re unsure on what to wear, but still, want to look fashionable. I honestly believe that the black mules help bring the look to life. And sometimes, the most simple outfits are the ones that stand out the most.



Slip Dress: Japna

Mules: Yoki

Let me know in the comments what you think of the looks I put together. If it weren’t for Tosave, I probably wouldn’t have even put a slip dress on…so thank you!

I have more look’s on how to style a slip dress for fall, so stay tuned!

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