Style my life.

How would you design your life?

I have imagined so many different ways my life CAN go; I want to keep that present because the possibilities are endless.

I like to ask people if they could do anything in there life,  what would they do? To most, the question seems far-fetched, or just something that can’t be fathomed… but it only came to that point when I asked them why they aren’t pursuing it?

The only worry I have is myself. I have the opportunity to do whatever I want without worry of dragging anyone else along. You know what…it’s less interesting when I talk about myself. I’m not here to talk about me, but you. What’s holding you back from creating your life?  I like to say if it wasn’t for time, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about what to do in our life because we’d be living.

If you really think about it, time puts a hold on everything we do in regards to living. I can name a few things in my life that time affects, but I want you to think what time has done to you in your life…

Take a moment to think of all the dreams you have for your life, turn those dreams into goals, then imagine achieving those goals, what’s next? After those goals have been achieved, what is the next step in the journey of your life?  It’s continuous and it won’t stop until your life is done. Is that how you want to live? Knowing that everything in your life is temporary, yet you spend your entire life to get to those temporary things..

Maybe you shouldn’t “style” your life and set goals that lead to temporary things because you’ll end up wasting your life, unless that what’s you “plan” to do.  But it seems that many live off of the idea of “hope,” that if they have a hopeful future, then that’s something to live for. Even if they never achieve it or get to that future, there is still hope floating in the air waiting for them to grab it.

Then there’s that minute you realize that the journey is what gives you life.  You’ve realized how happy you are in those moments of hope for future. You were present. You were in the now and that’s what styled your life. As much as you dislike your current situation, this situation is what makes you… in your life.

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  1. So interesting that you chose to write about this; I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something because this topic keeps surfacing. I’m reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg about women feeling comfortable taking control of their lives – mostly professionally, but she also touches on personal as well. One of the things she mentions is that yes, society does place limits on women based on expectations of how a woman SHOULD be, but how a lot of women buy into these limitations and then place them on ourselves. It manifests in each of us differently, but I can honestly say I do it and I see it happening with women around me. I was also having a conversation with a co-worker last week about how obstacles are thrown in the paths of minorities, but if we give up on our dreams just because they become difficult, then real obstacles become excuses instead of becoming part of the story of how we overcame. Sorry this is so long and I haven’t answered the questions you’ve asked about what I want my life to look like. Perhaps I’ll take some time to think about that further and come back to answer.

  2. I love your response, but maybe this is a sign that there’s going to be some change happening in your life soon! I think I’ll have to check out that book though. Life is so weird…it’s all about perspective and how you approach things, or situations. We know that we’re not going to be here forever, so it’s like, how should we spend our time here? It’s funny because I’m in the process of uploading another post kind of similar to this, one way we can spend our time on earth.
    Going back to the book, as a minority and a woman, we are forced to live up to expectations, when that should never be the case! We are ALWAYS comparing ourselves and it’s not like a direct comparison or in competition with someone else, but we see something we like and we go for it! There is NOTHING wrong with that, but you have to ask yourself, can I live a life that hasn’t been seen? I think I just confused myself. Lol But I also think I just answered the question: this journey you’re on hasn’t been experience by no one else, just you, and that’s what makes it special.
    We shouldn’t be caught up in all the limitations and disadvantages of our society because it creates those unnecessary obstacles, or like you said, another excuse. I guess it’s good to have goals, but don’t let them blind you, or distract you from your life because at any moment your life can be done and that was an opportunity lost. This will be my last point/example (Lol) and I don’t think I’ve used it yet, but for people who work 2+ jobs or just work, a lot, to have a “better” life, when, or if, they reach that point of “success,” there is this realization that most of that time was dedicated for the future. They allowed their “goal” to consume that part of their life and it makes one question if it was worth it..? This example may not apply to you, but hopefully it’s understandable!
    Also, I apologize if this was all over the place. But please take you time, I would love to know how you envision your life.
    Again, Thanks for your response!


  3. So true – so many people wait until they are at their goal weight or when they feel better to jump into life and do things. “When I lose 10 pounds, I’ll start to go to the beach.” Or “When I get a new job, I will feel happier.”

    It’s not about the future. It’s about now. Living in the now.

  4. That is true that the journey is what gives you life. Sometimes I feel down about not being able to accomplish my goals right now, since they’ve been put on hold while I focus on being a mom, but your phrase encouraged me.

  5. Such an interesting post. I funny you would post this as this year was the year I decided to live my life to the fullest. After being in an unhappy marriage, bad job and being sick, I left it all in 2016. I got a divorce, changed jobs, got dx with Crohn’s and had surgery. I want my like to look like the new me, happier, adventurous and carefree. BRAND NEW ME, lol!

  6. Such a beautiful post. It is very much true that only the current situation defines who you are rather than what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Staying positive & leaving the negatives will lead to a perfect path!

  7. Thank you for reading! And yes, the more we stay present, the less we’ll worry!! Positivity is key.

  8. Yess, I love it!! Your positivity is giving me life, you’re truly embracing you and not letting anyone get in the way! I’m not mad at you, you continue to do you! 🙂

  9. That’s awesome that you’re a mom! I know it takes a lot of work since you have to put your goals on hold. I totally respect that and I know everything will fall into the right place! Just keep on staying positive in this moment,

  10. I love the way you expalin it all here. We should not style our lives and dreams that lead to temporary goals. Thank you for this interesting and insightful piece. I guess staying positive is the key to it all.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it! But positivity is key!

  12. Lol yes, that’s so true. Maybe some dreams aren’t ready for reality !
    Thanks for your response,

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