That time of the month…

Around that “time of the month,” my attitude changes.  I literally do not have any patience and get mad over minor things. It’s funny because I only know it’s that time when I get mad at people for no reason! Lol I find myself thinking back on my reactions…I need to work on controlling myself […]

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What is life…?

“What is life?” Usually this is in response to something odd that has happened. For example, I could be walking down the street and see a baby by themselves, without ay parental supervision…and people wonder why some children go missing! hmmm….. I do not like to place any significance on the question because life does […]

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Hello world!

  I took this picture in my college dorm room a fews years ago. It was on my new Nikon Coolpix camera and I thought I was the stuff! Taking pictures with no hands! Whaat. Lol I wasn’t all that, but with my compact camera, that resembled a DSLR, ya tu sabes! Need I say […]

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