Why you need to do a bedroom reset, today!

We’ve been led in the wrong direction for the years; wheeled into believing that the start of the new year is the opportunity to be a brand-new person. I do not disagree with that belief because every day is an opportunity to start fresh, refresh or just reset. However, when is it the appropriate time to […]

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Fashion Week MN: Spring/Summer 2018

It has always been a goal of mine to go to New York to be a part of New York Fashion Week, NYFW! However, I know that takes time, and I think it’s good to start where I am at now.  That said, this past season I had the opportunity to shoot at one of the fashion […]

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Who do you consider family?

Happy New Year, congrats on making it through the first week! I feel like the New Year comes in a wave: Thanksgiving, Christmas, now we’re starting all over. Lol, I love this time of the year though, because of the back to back holidays, time off of school/ work, and most importantly, family! As a […]

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