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Shopping at a thrift store can be very nostalgic. As I mentioned in my first Thrift finds Tuesday post, you honestly have no clue what you’re going to find.  When I wear this thrifed sheer, see-through top, it brings me back to when I used to play dress up at my Grandma’s house. My Grandma was so stylish; if you’re wondering where I got my style from and also my mom, of course! Lol, it’s interesting how things come around full circle…but putting on my Grandmother’s clothes was almost like an affair.


If I was going to play dress up, I meant business! Made sure the top, bottoms, and shoes matched! I had to get to work and I was serious about it (unsure what work I was actually getting to! Haha).

When I would wear my Grandmother’s clothes it felt as if the clothes has chosen me. Not to sound cliche, but just think about all the clothes people sort through at a thrift store and the untold stories behind them. It’s as if the clothes I chose to wear were a subconscious choice of who I wanted to be.

I purchased this top a couple years ago and to be honest, I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked it out! The hesitation I have with this top is that it’s hard to style.

I love layers and being able to add more items to create a look. However, this top speaks volume and if I added anything more, it would be tacky and almost insulting to the designer.

Despite my hesitation with styling this top, every time I wear it I get a compliment. So I guess you can say that the story behind this top is that it’s okay to simplify your outfit and allow one item to do all the work; creating it’s own affair.

What’s that one item in your wardrobe that doesn’t require much because it speaks so well for itself?

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