About Me

My name is Jasmine, I am a twenty-something-year-old Christian woman who wants to challenge herself through every obstacle.  I have never been considered a “writer,” however, I believe I have always had a thing for writing.

I am full of different ideas for my blog~ I love fashion, health & fitness, life updates, the list goes on!  I would consider myself an open-minded individual.  I try to look at different situations from every aspect so that I do not seem to bias.

I want my blog to be very inclusive; I LOVE the thoughts of others; Our thoughts are what construct our society…whether it be what I decide to wear today, o current events.

I don’t want to live life just going with the flow of things.  I actually want to experience it and enjoy that experience.

I like to start a lot of things, but fail to finish them; my blog will not be one of those failures.