Sunday Vibes: Is this Spring?

Spring is in the air, or is it?  We were able to enjoy days that made it to as high as 60 degrees, but then we are surprised by this… Before we get into the post, these pics were taken over a month ago! So I don’t want anyone to assume that it snowed this […]

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Love life, again?

Not knowing what career I want to pursue in my life has really put a hold on EVERYTHING. Well…I have allowed it to put a hold on everything.  And I like to consider that everything my “love life.” * Before I get into this post, I want to take a moment to give thanks to […]

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Spring, are you there?

This is a sponsored post. When you live in the midwest, you ALWAYS look forward to spring. As soon as the snow melts, we ask: “Spring, are you there?” There are some who set goals for the new year, however, our body’s don’t allow us to do that! Yes, I said it, “Our body’s don’t […]

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Reflection of this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has just past and it really had me thinking.  In my post last week, I talked about how singles should spend their Valentine’s Day. While writing it, I was all perky and excited because I believe that it’s a day for singles to celebrate in!  However, after going out to different stores, seeing […]

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Who’s your Valentine?

Valentine’s day is literally around the corner, smiling at me sarcastically because it knows that this is going to be another year I will be spending it alone.  I don’t want this to be sad, “woe is me” type party, rather a moment to rejuvenate in! I definitely know that I’m not the only one…if I […]

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