Mickey’s Diner.

Mickey’s Diner is very nostalgic. Even if you haven’t set foot in there before, you still get this feeling that you’re at home. Not your typical idea of “home,” but a complacency, that’s refreshing. What do you think? Model: Wesley Theme: Bruno Mars – Perm

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Ways to Style | The Slip Dress

I like to be creative with my outfits and I believe that dresses limit my creativity.  It’s not that I dislike wearing dresses, I just prefer to go the extra mile with styling multiple pieces. However, a new trend has emerged and caught my attention: the slip dress. Blast from the past: When I was […]

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Sunday Vibes: Is this Spring?

Spring is in the air, or is it?  We were able to enjoy days that made it to as high as 60 degrees, but then we are surprised by this… Before we get into the post, these pics were taken over a month ago! So I don’t want anyone to assume that it snowed this […]

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